As you all know, we don’t generally announce where we’re going to be holding our next TableTop Networking event until the day of the event.  We have sort of a ‘reveal’ where the next host gets to introduce themselves and their venue.  We have had some requests for our list of events and as a way to giving you what you want, while remaining true to the ‘Olympics style reveal’, we are giving you our NoCo dates so you can ‘save the dates’ for our TableTop events.

Here are the dates we’ll be having TableTop Networking for the rest of 2020:

  • August 14th 2020
  • September 18th 2020
  • October 16th 2020
  • November 20th 2020

We hope this allows you to at least ‘pencil in’ our events so you’re able to attend all our fun networking events.  😀


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