Author: TableTop Networking Staff Writer

Networking is supposed to be a fun way to meet new business contacts.  It’s a process.  It should be done with eyes wide open.

We all need to meet clients and/or customers, prospective clients, and referral sources for clients.  We all need to meet people and businesses we can use to further our business needs, or service our business with the products and services that we need to do business.  Those might be services such as somewhere to hold an event, or credit card processing, or insurance, attorneys, financials advisors, multi-level opportunities, or a plumber or electrician for a project or repair to name just a few.  Networking is ONE way to meet those professionals, but it is not the only way.  You could open that big yellow book, or you could find someone you know and ask them for a referral.  There are a hundred ways to find these professionals and networking is just one of those ways.

Just in the same way that picking a name out of a book or directory is not a recommendation per-se, it is just one method of finding a person to do business with.  The vetting of that person to see if they have the expertise or experience to handle your project is entirely on you.  Ask questions, ask for references, seek out second and third opinions, and even then, go into a relationship with open eyes.  You may not get exactly what you want, but we hope and pray that you do.

Please remember, the barrier to entry to a TableTop Networking events is low.  Anyone can purchase a ticket or be gifted a ticket and TableTop Networking has no influence over attendees and does no vetting of attendees, Table Captains or Sponsors or their buisinesses and business offerings.  

TableTop Networking makes no recommendations or representations whatsoever as to the suitability or professional standards of any Sponsors, Table Captains, Volunteers, or Attendees.  Please ensure that you take responsibility for doing your own vetting of businesses, individuals and services that might be represented to you through people you meet at our events.

In the event that you have any concern with someone you met through TableTop Networking, after having tried to resolve the matter yourselves, if you still believe that the person you met was not a true business professional, please let us know.  We cannot and will not be involved in any remediation, but we do wish to know if there is a pattern of bad business from anyone at our events.


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