So, remember when we told you that our event was being hosted by the lovely people over at BlueMountain Self Storage? We even mentioned that being in Larimer County, and that there is a mask requirement for this event, please remember your mask!!

In the background we’ve been working with Larimer County to obtain permission to hold the event.  Any event with 10 or less people can just take place without asking for permission, but an event of 11-50 attendees means you have to apply for a variance and permission to gather.  Yes – you do!!

Basically, we had to submit our event details and plans of our mitigation of the COVID-19, our social distancing plans, and wait for approval to even have our event – yikes!

The great news is not only is our event allowed to go ahead, but it’s LARIMER COUNTY APPROVED!!!

If you’re attending any events where there might be more than 10 people in the coming weeks, we suggest you ask your hosts if they have applied for and been approved for a variance to hold their gathering – this is required for ANY EVENT with more than 11 total attendees, and will not be granted for more than 50 attendees.  🙁

Make sure your event in Larimer County has been approved for a variance before you attend – that way you’ll know the organizers are taking your health and safety seriously.  The link to details of all that’s required is here.

Please note: You must bring your mask, if you don’t have one, we will have non-surgical disposable face coverings available for you purchase.  No mask – no admittance.  Sorry, this is a condition of holding our event and Larimer County Health Department requirement.   Also please remember that this event will NOT include refreshments except bottled water.  If you need more, please feel free to bring your own coffee and/or snack to keep you fueled up for networking.

Finally – this event is ALMOST FULL already – if you want to network the #WeAreNoCo way, please get registered ASAP – spaces ARE SUPER LIMITED NOW this month!!

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