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We are asked by new attendees, how do I register to attend?  The most common reason for that is because they found the event or website link on Facebook.  While it’s true some organizations allow people to mark “I’m attending” on Facebook, we do also, that’s NOT ENOUGH to simply click “I’m going” on Facebook to register.

Whe?  Our events are customized depending on the number of attendees, so it’s IMPERATIVE that you register through our website.  Please be aware, we close out registration when we are full, no exceptions!  So please register early!

Even if you have been given a GUEST PASS by one of our sponsors, or maybe you earned one by referring someone, you MUST STILL REGISTER at the website with that pass so we know how many attendees we have.

During COVID-19, every event you attend should be pre-registration only.  These are local health department rules now!

Below you will find a “step-by-step” guide to registering.  Click each screenshot thumbnail for a larger view.

Step 1: Find your Event

Find the Event in the Chapters List

Find the Event in the Chapters List

Step 2: Verify the event and Click “Register Ticket”

Verify the event details then click to buy your ticket

Even if you have a Guest Pass, follow this step and enter the pass on the nest page

Step 3: Fill out Buyer and Attendee Details

If you have a guest pass, enter the code from the pass and click ‘Apply’ – it should discount your attendee ticket.

Fill out your details

Step 4: Finalize Checkout

Step 4: Finalize Checkout

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